Yellow Pine Porch Flooring – Better Than Composite Decking?

Before you run out and buy some yellow pine porch flooring for sale, there are some things you will want to consider first.  While you can buy this type of tongue and groove planking fairly cheap, there are some maintenance issues you may have to consider.  Of course, like with any other type of product, there are also some really positive things to take into consideration.  Let's look at some things you will want to consider before you buy yellow pine porch flooring for sale, even if it's cheap, as compared to composite.

It's Soft:  This type of fir is pretty soft overall.  The wood is somewhat porous, which means it's somewhat soft.  Not only does this mean that yellow pine porch flooring will dent if something heavy is dropped, but it also means it can splinter and scuff pretty easily.  Unlike composite decking material, yellow pine porch flooring is more prone to showing wear and tear after a very short time.

Decay:  Any untreated wood, even cedar, is prone to rot.  If you are considering yellow pine porch flooring, then you need to make sure all the surface area will be protected from the elements.  Make sure the deck is covered, not only from the top, but from the sides, or your tongue and groove planking will not last nearly as long.  Composite may be a better choice for you, depending on your preferences.

Tongue and Groove:  This is a major plus when it comes to yellow pine porch flooring.  The tongue and groove design helps to hide nails, so you get a more finished look.  The only real drawback to this is the gap, which can increase and decrease in size with moisture.  It's still a nice touch for the planking.  With composite decking material, you will not have the swelling and shrinking that you get with a real wood planking product.  This is a major downfall, but still, the tongue and groove looks great when it's installed.

Requires Staining:  You will need to stain your yellow pine porch flooring if you don't want the natural look or you don't want to go with paint.   Either way, you will have some extra steps to take initially, and over time.  This means more maintenance.  In today's world, few of us want to spend time on maintenance.  This means less time enjoying your deck or patio, and more time keeping it looking nice.  The maintenance may be enough to make some people consider composite decking for their patio.