Small Padlock That Can't Be Cut

Most people who have storage units need a good padlock that can't be cut. Good small padlocks which cannot be cut are handy in that they help ensure you don't have to worry about theft but also because they actually decrease your chances of getting robbed. As many people who have ever rented out a storage unit before most storage facilities make you sign a statement saying that you agree that they are not responsible for break-ins and for theft. This obviously means that even if you lock your stuff up at a storage facility and someone steals your stuff you don't have anyone to fall back on for damages.

Storage facilities always require you use your own padlock on your unit so you might as well opt for the best padlock money can buy, within reason of course. If a thief is going to cut someone's lock to steal their stuff they are obviously going to skip over the locks they cannot physically cut and go for the easier targets. Even if you are not storing items which are valuable you don't want to have to deal with the annoyance of having your storage unit vandalized.

Luckily there are some really good padlocks that can't be cut easily on the market and they aren't that expensive compared to the basic cheap locks. Two of the most well known brands of padlocks, Brinks and Masterlock both have competing products and both have both high end products and low end products. The best consumer level or basic padlocks are usually just a few dollars more expensive than the standard locks. We've all seen the standard locks with a semi-square chamber on the bottom and a hoop on the top. These are standard and depending on the thickness of the lock they can be tough to break into but typically the disk shaped padlocks are even more secure because they are completely steel encased.

Remember, if you have a storage shed in the back of your house or a unit in a local self-storage facility you may want to replace your padlock with a better padlock. Find a good padlock that can't be cut easily in your local hardware store and be prepared to spend a few dollars. You are purchasing not only security but an actual decrease in chances that you'll ever have to deal with theft. If two padlocks are sitting side by side and a thief wants to break into a unit they are always going to choose to cut the lock that is easier to cut. Don't be that person. You probably won't have recourse with the storage facility and you will not enjoy dealing with the loss.

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