What Size Zero Turn Lawn Mower Do I Need?

If you are a homeowner, business owner, or just someone looking for some information, you may need to know what size zero turn lawn mower you need for your yard or business.  There are many different deck sizes to choose from, all of which can do varying amounts of grass.  If you have a large yard or large amount of grass to cut, you will likely want to go with a bigger model, so the time you spend working is decreased.  Let's look at the sizing in more detail, so you can answer the question, what size zero turn lawn mower do I need?

34 Inch

Not all manufacturers produce a unit with this small of a deck, but some like, like Gravely Lawn Mowers, do.  If you are wondering what size zero turn you need, this is for smaller yards.  Keep in mind, however, that a 34" may cut faster than a standard 42" rider.  Increased speed and maneuverability are the main reasons for this. 

42 Inch

Those with a fair sized yard, perhaps up to ½ acre or more may want to check out this class of zero turn riding lawn mowers when they are looking to find out what size they need.  It is a very popular size.  You will find this to be sufficient for most homeowners and for businesses as well.

50 Inch

This may be a good option for those with large yards, in the 1 acre range, or for those that have their own yard service business.  It's a good size that is capable of cutting large yards or sporting fields.  You will be able to get the job done quickly as well.  If you are wondering, what size zero turn lawn mower do I need, and you have about 2 acres to cut, this may be the right one for you.

60 Inch

These are big units that you will see many professionals use.  Many schools also go with this class as well, since it can easily be used on 2 acres of grass.  Many professional services will use the 60" models as well, since the cutting time is reduced.

72 Inch

This is truly one of the biggest you'll find.  It is reserved for those cutting several acres of grass at a time, or those looking to minimize the time they spend, like professionals often do.  For most homeowners, this is just too big. 

Before You Buy

What size zero turn lawn mower do I need?  If you don't mind taking a longer time to get the grass cut, you can use a smaller model on even the largest of areas.  Keep your budget in mind when you shop around.

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