Where Can I Sell Old Junk Tires? Who Buys Them for Cash?

Who buys junk tires for cash?  You will have many options to consider.  You may only get a few dollars, but at least you won't be charged for disposal, which can be up to $5.00 per tire.  In other words rather than paying $20.00 to have your old tires disposed, you can actually earn a few dollars.  The places where you can sell them will vary by location, but most people have at least one or two options to consider when they look at where they can sell their junk tire for money, or at least save the disposal fee.

Rubber Recycling Plants

When trying to sell junk tires for money, they may be wise to borrow rubber recycling plant.  There are many of them throughout the country that are willing to pay in cash for your old junk tires.  Those that do not pay cash are often still willing to take your old rubber free of charge.  Even if you don't get paid, you can still save the disposal fee, which is the same as putting money in your pocket.  The find rubber recycling plants in your area simply check of the Yellow Pages.

Retreading shops

There are many used tire shops throughout the country that are willing to pay money for your old junk tires.  At some of the shops, they may not pay cash, but may be willing to give you a credit for your old ones if you purchase your new tires from them.  Do not expect to receive a lot of money from the shops, where you can earn a few dollars.  It might be wise to call the shop up s in your area to find what the going rate in your area is.  At least you'll have an idea where to take your junk car tires and exchange them for cash money.

Selling them online

If your old junk tires still have some tread left on them you may be able to sell them on various online sites.  Those designed specifically for winter driving in northern states will sell for more money than regular ones.  If the ones you are selling don't have good tread left on them you may be able to give them away free of charge to someone that wants to use them for sandboxes, playground equipment, where landscaping projects.  While they may not be a person who buys junk tires for cash, they may be a person that will save you the disposal fee.

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