Rich People Giving Money Away Free to Help Others

There are lots of people giving money away free to help others out.  Some of them are rich and famous millionaires and others are just everyday folks looking to make a difference and assist others in need, often with no strings attached to the offer.  No matter what their motives are, you may be able to find some help if you need it.  Don't expect this method to work for you, but it is something to at least consider, as you try to find people giving away money.   If you are attempting to raise funds or cash for an organization, these methods can be even more effective.

Famous Folks

If you are looking to find people giving away money, you may want to first look for help from the rich and famous.  Many millionaires are willing to offer aid to those in need.  While this is generally not done for individuals, I suppose some exceptions could be made to the rule.  Many famous individuals have their own charitable organizations that offer support to those in need of some financial help.   Most of the time famous people, both millionaires and billionaires, are giving away money to help out those in need will only donate to organizations.  You can still try.

High Profile Cases

You'll find some people giving away money that make the media.  You can search through articles on the internet or visit news sites to see if you can find folks that offered to help out others, free of charge or expectations, with no strings attached.  Sometimes this is done for publicity, but often it's done with no strings attached, out of the kindness of the giver's heart.  It seems that each year at least one or two cases catch on with the media, like the sextuplets a few years back.  Many organizations and people giving away money contacted them.  If you can gain some publicity, maybe you can get some free help, too.

Foundations That Help

You can search for foundations that are full of people giving away money with no strings attached, free of charge.  There are several, many which may actually be in your area or neighborhood.  Think both locally and globally, and you're sure to find some wealthy foundations, sometimes comprised of rich and famous individuals, willing to assist those that need it.  You can find lots of people giving money away to common folks, like you.

Now What?

Once you've found people giving away money, how do you write to them?  How do you ask them for funds, whether in the form of cash or other financial items?   Check out how to write these folks, so you can get some free cash.