How Can Red Cross Help Pay for Rent?

Red Cross in Action

Can Red Cross help pay for rent? The answer for this question is definitely yes. Although Red Cross is a humanitarian organization usually seen on natural disasters and calamities, it also provides assistance for families who need funds to pay for the rent.

Together with other charitable organizations and government agencies, Red Cross can help you pay for your rent. Usually, organizations such as these are better options to seek help in paying for rent that getting loans or borrowing money from lending institutions. Also, Red Cross and other related organizations do not require you to pay back the funds they paid for your rent.

History of Red Cross in Rental Assistance

Red Cross is considered to be the most helpful non-profit organization in times of disasters and calamities. It is the organization in action created to help people during and after disaster. They provide food, clothing, water, and shelter to affected communities and their residents.

As a private organization, Red Cross does not receive funds from the government. It is set apart from the government and works solely through donations from the public.

If you will ask, "How can Red Cross help pay for rent?" Red Cross can help fund for rental payments especially after disasters and calamities. The Red Cross can assist paying your house rentals and can provide temporary shelter for those only affected by a disaster. However, for financial difficulties that are not related from a disaster, there is no way can Red Cross help pay for rent. They may refer you to other organizations and agencies that can address your concern.

Other Private Organizations that can Help in Rental Assistance

Aside from Red Cross, there are also other private organizations that help pay rent. They provide assistance ranging from financial aid into owning and buying houses. Each organization has its own assistance programs and qualifying guidelines that may differ from one location to another.

The Salvation Army

When founded by William Booth in 1865, until today it still caters the needs of people in more than hundred countries through providing food, shelters, utility and rental assistance. For some locations, The Salvation Army provides housing programs that are usually government-funded. Also, through the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP), The Salvation Army can provide assistance for utility and rental needs to families who find difficulty in paying for these necessities.

Catholic Charities-USA

In cooperation with other government and private agencies, the Catholic Charities-USA operates assist needy households. From its establishment in 1910 until now, Catholic Charities-USA has continuously offered immediate assistance for rent payments, prescription of drugs, payments in utilities, food and clothing. Each local agency of Catholic Charities-USA has its own programs and the assistance given to families varies and depends on the location. In addition to rental assistance, Catholic Charities-USA also provides services such as counseling for families who opt for housing plans and transitional shelters. With over 160 agencies operating in the U.S., Catholic Charities-USA has helped millions of needy American families each year.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Since its foundation in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam and his five colleagues, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has been helping over 12 million people worldwide each year. The organization provides one-on-one counseling and financial assistance to affected families of disasters and calamities, and to those who are facing financial difficulties and hardships. They provide housing assistance through rent and mortgage loans, and helps provide affordable housing plans. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul conducts education-related services to parents and children, trainings on livelihood programs to prisoners, those who are ex-offenders, and individuals with AIDS.

HUD (Housing and Urban Development)

This government agency helps many American families in paying for their rent and security deposits. Its assistance is based on two rental subsidy programs. One is a Public Housing Program that offers rental subsidy for family housing. Another is the Housing Voucher Program which provides a rental subsidy to tenants. In both subsidy programs, any rental payment will be based on the 30 percent of his total income.

USDA Rural Development

This government-funded agency has provided assistance through paying the rent of needy rural families, residents with low income, persons with disability, and elderly. This government agency makes sure that all low-income tenants will not pay more than 30 percent of their income in their rent. The assistance provided by USDA Rural Development includes housing loans which finance housing construction and household rentals for families and individuals with low to moderate income. The agency also provides housing grants to the elderly and the disabled. In most cases, the aim of this agency is to provide affordable rental housing for families through financial aid and assistance for rental payments.

Steps to Get Rental Assistance from Red Cross and other Organizations

Can Red Cross help pay rent? Definitely it can. Together with other government and private organizations, there are many ways that can Red Cross help pay rent.  In order to avail the assistance programs of Red Cross and other organizations, here are things you need to do.

First, look and inquire for agencies within your community where you can ask for financial assistance.  You may also look for the listed agencies in the government section in a phone book.

Then, contact the agency or organization and ask for an appointment. You need to explain to them how much you are struggling financially at this moment that you urgently need financial assistance in order to pay for the rent. In addition, ask if you needed to bring any documents or pertinent personal identification during the appointment.

After setting the appointment, go and fill an application for the assistance program. Usually, you will be asked to answer question such as who are living with you, how much do you make for a living, and other pertinent information.

Inquire on the details of their housing assistance programs by asking how much they will subsidize to help you pay for the rent, or will your family size and income enough to be eligible for the rental subsidy. Usually, in government agencies, housing assistance is determined by calculating the 30% of the household monthly income. It is also important to take note that only in disaster-related reasons can Red Cross help pay rent.

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