Portable Heating Radiators

As it becomes colder and colder and we move into winter, it is time to check that we have the appropriate household equipment to ensure that we will be warm enough in our homes. If we are fortunate enough to have central heating then the only concern we have is the cost of the heating bills. So for people on a tight budget and for those of us without central heating systems, portable radiators offer an excellent option to help us ward off the winter chills.

Portable heating radiators come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Possibly more importantly is the decision to go with a gas or electrically powered appliance. Then we have to consider if we want a radiator style heater, or a convection machine that blows warm air around the room. Both types have their pros and cons.

Firstly, gas powered heaters are great for warming rooms quickly and also for areas that are poorly insulated. In fact, it's potentially better to use these types of appliances in rooms that are not well insulated. This is because they give off potentially hazardous fumes. This necessitates us letting in fresh air every now and then to keep us safe. Gas powered heaters are also good because they start heating areas quickly. They come in two varieties, convection and radiant heat models. The convection heaters are good to heat rooms up in a hurry but used over a longer period of time can start to dry you out. They are also fairly noisy because of the attached fan. Gas heaters are often very fuel efficient and cheap to run.

Electrical halogen heaters are another option to consider. Their heat is instantaneous. They literally warm up as soon as they are turned on. I personally do not like these types of portable heaters very much. I find that the heat they give off is angry in its intensity. To me they are also fairly dangerous because of their exposed heating elements. A further issue is the cost to run these kinds of heaters. They can clock up fairly large electricity bills in a hurry.

A third option to think about is oil filled radiators. An oil filled radiator is powered by electricity rather than oil. The oil inside the appliance is used to transmit heat from the heating coils to the outer parts of the radiator. Oil filled radiators can make good supplemental heating solutions as they have a range of safety features including an automatic cut off should the unit begin to over heat. They are not quite as cheap to run as gas units but neither are they as noisy.

Choosing a portable heating radiator can be a confusing decision. It is important to do your research properly so that you find one that is right for you.

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