Pictures of People in Jail! Free Criminal Mug Shots Online!

You can get criminal mug shots online and locally of people in jail from your area or others.  If you are looking to see pictures of inmates, there are plenty of free options to use, rather than paying for any of the services available.   Perhaps you would like to find a prison inmate picture of someone you know.  Then again, maybe you are just looking for broad, general photos.  Either way, you have some great options if you are looking to find criminal mug shots online and off.  

Google or Yahoo Images

These sites are a great way to get free criminal mug shots online.  You will be surprised at how many prisoner images are available to view on these sites.  In fact, you can often search by name, so you could find specific pictures of people in jail.  You can search for famous people, funny pictures, or even for a specific person you know.  You really never know whose criminal mug shots online you are going to find with these sites. 

National Registries

Certain offenders will need to register.  By looking at sites like or other registry type sites, you can often find criminal mug shots online free of charge.  Many of the pictures on these sites show people in jail, from the booking process photo.  This is a common occurrence since it's often the law enforcement agencies that provide the pictures of the people in jail for the registries.  Best of all, you can use sites like this free.

Law Enforcement Sites

If you are looking for criminal mug shots online, you may not need to look any further than your local Sheriff Office.  During the booking process, pictures of the inmates are taken.  Some agencies will post these on their websites, since they are actually considered public record.  In addition, many agencies will post an active roster of all the inmates in jail, complete with their booking photos.  In general, this is done to reduce phone calls to the jail to see if an inmate is still incarcerated and serves the public, allowing them to know who is or is not in the jail.  Those looking at for free criminal mug shots online may want to check out this method.

In Person Methods

Okay, if you are looking for free criminal mug shots online, this one may not be for you.  However, if you are willing to explore offline options, it's a great way to get the pictures of the inmates in jail, past or present.   Since this is considered public record, you may be able to simply go to your local law enforcement agency and request pictures from certain inmates from the jail.  It's worth a try when you need a specific person's photo.  These are just a few of the methods you can use to find criminal mug shots online.