Lots of Toga Costume Ideas

There are lots of toga costume ideas you can use.  Since this type of suit is nothing more than a loose, flowing outer garment that covers most of the body, with the exception of the right arm, it's easy to see how much leeway you have when making your own.  Worn by the ancient Romans, they were often white in color.  Since they were open at the legs and one arm was uncovered, they were generally a pretty cool outfit to wear on a hot day.  You may make a toga costume with only a single piece of cloth, with the exception of any headgear you may wear.  If you want ideas, there are lots of them to consider.

Pretty In Pink

Why not make yours a little bit unique, so you stand out from the crowd?  You can easily create a pretty in pink type of toga costume in just a few minutes.  Add lots of pink accessories and you can get an idea of just how cute and out of the ordinary this one can be.

Greek Goddess

This one can be really simple to make.  Try a nice, almost see-through sheer fabric.  Make sure you are not too revealing, since you will look like a Greek goddess during the party.


Hail Caesar!  It's not the most unusual or unique of all the toga costume ideas you will find, but lots of people dress up like Caesar during the parties they attend.  Try to make yours stand out from the crowd with nice accessories.


The goddess of warfare, wisdom, and strength, just to name a few, Athena toga costumes are very popular and quite elegant.  You will find that lots of people will envy the idea of dressing up like Athena.


He led the slave uprising against the Roman Republic.  Why not pay tribute to him during the party?  It will really look great if you do it right.


What's wrong with being a normal, everyday peasant?  There were way more peasants than there were gods and goddesses.  This is a convenient one to use, especially if all you have is old, worn, stained cloth to make your toga costume with.  There are lots of ways to be creative with your ideas and the resources you have available.

Basic White

It's simple and easy.  You can get by with using just a single flat sheet to make this one.  Who needs to complicate things so much, when the party is what really matters?

Creative and Unique

You can do all kinds of creative and truly unique things.  You can use funky colors, tie-dye, cool accessories, or fabric with cool designs.  There are lots of toga costume ideas you can use at the party.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Some good ideas think i will take an idea from here for my next party!