Glass Etching – How to Get Started

If you have been itching for a new hobby, or just would like to know more about glass etching and how to do it, then here is a great place to start.

Glass Etching – How to do etching depends on the technique you use, but the most popular technique uses glass etching cream. This is the easiest way to create stunning works of art that you can personalize and give for gifts or sell in a home craft business.

Glass Etching – How to Get Started – You can start by heading to your local craft supply store. There will be a section on glass etching complete with instruction books and kits to get you started. But basically all you need is some glassware, painters tape, stencils, soft paint brush, gloves (to protect your skin), Glass Etching Cream (this is in little bottles and looks white).

You can get your glassware from dollar stores, or glass you have in your home. You can start off by practicing first to get the feel of it, so find something cheap and give it a try, this is where the dollar store has some great finds.

Glass Etching – How to Use It. – Take your clean and dry glass and try putting some stickers on it, or the painters tape (for creating stripes) to start out with, make sure they are pressed down well, so that the glass etching cream does not leak underneath. You want clean edges.

Glass Etching – How to Use the Cream – Now take your paint brush (make sure you have the gloves on at this point) and dab the Etching cream on the glass, make sure to put it on quite thick. It will not etch the glass where ever you put the stickers or the tape. Now let it dry for the amount of time that is suggested on that brand of Etching Cream.

Glass Etching – How To Finish It Off – Now after you have waited the right amount of time, take it over to the sink and rinse in cool water until all the cream is gone. You will see that the cream has etched the glass so that you can not see through it anymore. Then you remove your stickers and tape and those bits will still be clear.

You have now done your first glass etching project! Now you see how it works, you can get more detailed with special Glass Etching Stencils you can get, and make some stunning personalized gifts. Also See Glass Etching – How to Create Your Own Works of Art for more tips and ideas on this great easy craft.

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