I Want to Give My Money Away Free!

I want to give my money away!  If you are someone that is looking to get rid of cash, you should know there are several great ways to make sure your finances go to a worthy cause.  There are some really great things you can do whether you have millions of dollars to unload, just a few extra bucks to hand out.  Either way, you can do some good with the funds that you no longer need.  I want to give my money away! Here's how you should do it.

Scholarship Funds

If you say to yourself, I want to give my money away, why not start up a scholarship fund?  You will help out multiple generations as the recipients create a better life for themselves and their families.  You will feel good about setting up something like this.  This is how to create a legacy.

A Random Stranger

In most large cities, you can find all kinds of homeless and needy with a simple drive down the streets.  Why not make a difference to one of these people?  If you want to give your money away to people free of charge, and publicity doesn't matter, this is a good option.

Charitable Organizations

I want to give my money away.  Why not give to charity?  There are many local and national charitable organizations that could use the help you have to offer.  Consider this option carefully as you consider who should receive the cash you have to offer others.

School Needs

Virtually every school district in this nation has at least one school that needs major repairs or new playground equipment.  This is a great opportunity for you to help if you want to give your money away to help others.  Many sports are being cut to save money for the districts.  There are numerous ways to help the schools.

Church Needs

You can simply donate to a church if you are saying to yourself, I want to give my money away.  Many local churches are in need of repair and could use some help to keep going.  You will be helping people in need this way, making it a good option to keep in mind.

Have a Drawing

How about a free giveaway?  If you want to give away all your money, why not have a contest or drawing where the winner can get your cash?  It would be a fun way to unload the funds you no longer wanted or needed.