Free Fake Parking Tickets to Print

Believe it or not, there are actually several ways to get free fake parking tickets to print out.  You will find that many of these methods will be fairly easy to implement, but will only take a little bit of effort on your end.   This is a good practical joke to use on friends and it can really be pretty funny if you do it right.  Let's look at where to get free fake parking tickets that you can print out right now, online.

Where to Find Them

The way you decide to use the free fake parking tickets you print out is completely up to you, but before you can use the phony citations, you need to find them.  Finding the pretend violations that don't cost you any money is the real trick.  Let's look at the places where you will want to look online to find free fake parking tickets that you will be able to print out right from your own home.  There are many more options than you may realize.

Yahoo and Google Images:  This is probably the easiest place to find free parking tickets to print out.  Many people will post an image of the pretend citations they have on these sites from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.  This is going to be the easiest and quickest place to look for the pretend violations to pick on people's vehicles.

Blogs and Websites:  You will need to use some caution with websites if you look for free fake parking tickets on websites, since many will want to charge you for a book of citations.  As long as you are using appropriate caution, you should be just fine.  There is a little less worry with blogs.  Some scan and post the phony citation they used as a gag on a friend.   This is something you may be able to print out and use on your own as you look to get free fake parking tickets online through various websites and blogs.

Making Them:  You can find several templates to use at no cost online, making this a really good way to get free parking tickets to use as gags on friends.  If you want to make your pretend violation a bit more personal, templates work well since they can be altered, making the practical joke a little more personal and fun for most people.   There are cool ways to make a pretend violation funny and personal.

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