Find Cheap Four Wheelers for Sale Under $1,000 (New and Used)

You can find cheap four wheelers for sale, often under 1,000 dollars if you are willing to put some time and effort into your search.  No, I'm not talking about old beat up, nasty, quads, but some decent ones.  In fact, you can actually buy a new ATV these days for well under $1,000, if you know what to look for.  Let's explore how, why, and where you can find cheap four wheelers for sale, regardless of your budget or size and weight.

Going New

If you are looking to buy a new quad, and think that you cannot buy new for under $1000, think again.  You can buy cheap four wheelers for sale that are brand new.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you look to buy a new ATV.

Chinese ATV's:  You can find lots of Honda Clone ATV's out there for sale, new, for under $1,000 and sometimes even $600, depending on what type of size you are looking for.  It's a great way to find cheap four wheelers for sale in almost any price range. It's important to know how to compare brand quads for the best deal.

Motor Size:  If you need to keep the price down, going with a new Chinese ATV can be just the thing.  You can buy cheap four wheelers for sale this way.  To keep the price inline, however, you may need to go with a slightly smaller engine. Luckily, you can find many 110cc and 150cc ATV's that will fit a smaller adult for well under $1,000. 

Kids Models:  If you are looking for a kids quad, you have a great chance to buy a brand new one at a great price.  You can find cheap four wheelers for sale, even name brands, for a great price.  Many dealers sell 50cc units that are new, but are 1-2 years old.  I personally bought a 2 year old, but new, Arctic Cat 50cc about 2 years ago for $995.  Chinese ATV's for kids can be found for as little as $500 in the same size.

Going Used

If you are willing to go used, as you look at cheap four wheelers for sale, you have some options.  Let's explore a few now.

Entry Level Quads:  Entry level ATV's are generally those with a 300cc engine or smaller.  Many 250cc quads can be found at great prices.

Going Old:  If you are looking at cheap four wheelers for sale, you can consider an older model, perhaps from the late 80's.  There are tons of them out there.

Specific Models:  As you look for cheap four wheelers for sale, perhaps under 1000 dollars, there are some that have a tendency to be priced low.  Consider an older Honda FourTrax unit, Kawasaki Bayou, Yamaha Blaster, Suzuki Ozark, Suzuki 125, or even an old Honda ATC.

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