Is David Wolfe a Scam?

If you have never heard of David Wolfe, he claims to be a world leader in raw food nutrition, heath and super foods. In the raw food community, there is a 50/50 split opinion on whether David Wolfe is a scam artist out to get peoples money or a genuine guy who is looking to help people improve their lives by eating raw healthy food.

The rumours of the David Wolfe Scam have started circulating because of the way he promotes his "super foods" products such as cacao, maca and goji berries along with many more of his lectures that get posted on YouTube. On the videos on YouTube, you can see he is very good at getting the audience at his lectures to believe everything that he says without any proof, no matter how ridiculous the claims he makes are, and there are many mad claims he makes.

Many people, especially people just beginning to experiment with raw foods, see David Wolfe as a guru and are willing to spend $100s on his products hoping to heal an illness or get healthier, and although the products he sells could be labeled as "healthy", they can also be dangerous if eaten in large quantity which is not made clear, in-fact the opposite, he promotes eating a lot of these items in large quantities.

But then there is the other side of the coin where people say he is a genuine guy who is trying to help make people happier, healthier lifestyle. And that in his lectures, he gives modern cutting edge information on nutrition and health and brings the products that are packed with vitamins and minerals to our doorstep that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

Whether you are person A or B, the best piece of advice I can give someone is that whether you believe David Wolfe is a scam artist or not, do not look upon him as a guru, and not just David Wolfe but anyone, because we are all equal and we should take each bit of advice and judge it equally no matter who says it.


  1. Dr.T.C.Halle says:

    It is my conclusion, as a holistic practitioner and chiropractic doctor, that David Wolfe, erstwhile "national health expert," is a charlatan.

    I have had an association with a local Pacifica non-commercial radio station in Los Angeles, KFPK, for many years. We have a number of fund-drives during the year..and are in the midst of one just now. I am constantly and regularly appalled when I hear the playing of clips from some of the premiums/thank you gifts wich the station offers for donations, such as DVDs, CDs and other Wolfe items. Clearly, the "scientific" material he provides on these media is suspect, as are his academic/scientific credentials. In these, he makes the most outrageous claims, such as:

    Rheumatoid arthritis, dementia and breast cancer are associated with mineral build-up. And that kidney stones are derived from calcium ("No, Virginia, most are derived from uric acid.").

    The earth has "negative electricity," which is very health-producing.

    There are devices which can help clean "negative electricity" off one's body.

    One can increase the number of telomeres in one's cells to provide longevity.

    This is awful (and "Fairyland") stuff, and clearly undercuts the credibility of the radio station and the Pacifica network.

    His products are also very expensive, just like Gary Null's, who also has questionable credentials.

    • Dr.T.C.Halle says:

      These phonies also make it difficult for legitimate holistic/alternative practitioners. Please, more science and ethics and less "snake oil" peddling!!