Chinese Yamaha ATV (for real)

Yes, there is a Chinese Yamaha ATV and it goes under the name Linhai.  In 1994, this company was founded and today, they are making cheap four wheelers, giving the major manufacturer a market share in the now lucrative China four wheeler market.  While they started out just making youth models, today they are producing full size adult quads. 

Who Makes Chinese ATV's?

Yamaha isn't the first one to explore this market.  In fact, many of the major manufacturers, including Polaris, have had their quads assembled and made in China.  This is not new.  However, the fact that a major company now operates a legit off brand quad company is something that signals changing times in the all-terrain vehicle market.  Unlike other off brand quads which claim to be actually made by Suzuki or Kawasaki, this one is true and very verifiable.  They are not just having their four wheelers made in China; they are actually in mix completely. 

Other Brands

As noted, several Chinese companies have made an ATV or two for major makers, not just Yamaha.  Other off brand four wheelers have tried to use confusing names to make it sound like they were.  Yamoto, for one, did just that.  A Yamoto 4 wheeler was not made or had anything to do with any major maker, despite the name being so similar. 

Other off brands have tried to make their models look like the major brands.  Some have claimed their parts to be "Honda interchangeable" and some of them actually were, but were still not truly associated with the major makers; they just capitalized on expired patents.  Today, you can find the "look" of Polaris, Suzuki, Kawasaki, or Honda with almost any China quad, but it stops at looks.

About Linhai Four Wheelers

They have a decent looking lineup that is getting pretty fair reviews.  Since they are a Yamaha Chinese ATV, or at least owned in part by them, it makes it an intriguing item to consider.  They are pretty cheap compared to the major makers, but a bit more expensive than some of the other, low-grade off brand quads.  They have an 80cc model that you can pick up for about $1100, which you could probably find under 1000 dollars if you kept your eyes open.  In addition, they are one of the few that offer adult size China four wheelers, making them a bit unique to some of the others.

If you are considering a new ride, it may be wise to check out the lineup offered by Linhai.  Like most other off brands, you may struggle to find parts or have limited options when you need them, but at least you will be buying something backed by a major maker.  You will be getting a Chinese Yamaha ATV.

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