Cheap Laptops for Sale Under $200 Dollars

No matter how difficult it may be to find cheap laptops for sale under $200, you can rest assure in knowing that there are several notebooks and netbooks available for discount prices for those on a budget. Buying notebooks and other types of cheap laptops for sale under $200 does come with some risks, however, and you should be cautioned before making a purchase that, chances are, cheap laptops for sale under $200 will not be nearly as nice as the more expensive notebooks you see for upwards of $300. As a matter of fact, many portable computers are priced even higher than this, and there are quite a few that cost up to $1000 or more.

Why are New Cheap Laptops for Sale Under $200 so Uncommon?

When it comes to the price of notebooks and netbooks, it really all just boils down to the amount of features and the quality of the components they have. Some of them have super-fast and powerful processors that use incredibly advanced technology. You would be hard pressed to find any cheap laptops for sale under $200 with an awesome Intel processor or any kind of processor that integrates dual core or quad core technology.

Another thing you won't come across when shopping for cheap laptops for sale under $200 is a really bright and vivid display. The more expensive notebooks have displays that can put a lot of TV screens and PC monitors to shame. The best portable computers normally have High-Definition wide screen displays and use advanced graphics processors to make the colors and details just seem to pop out at you. Cheap laptops for sale under $200 often have nice displays, but not nearly as advanced. Most of them won't have High-Definition, but rather a normal LED-backlit TFT display. They are not bad by any means, but they pale in comparison to the graphics on, say, a Toshiba Satellite or ASUS gaming notebook.

The last major thing that cheap laptops for sale under $200 lack is a powerful battery. Sometimes you get lucky and find a portable computer with a decent battery life, though. It just depends on what the model is actually made for. Multimedia and gaming notebooks will naturally have a much better battery than a basic, all-around model, because without a long-lasting energy source, how can you expect to watch a full-length movie? Unless you are going to be traveling with your notebook for business or using it for games and multimedia applications, you don't really need to pay attention to the battery life when buying cheap laptops for sale under $200.

How to Buy Cheap Laptops for Sale Under $200

So now that you know what to expect when you shop for inexpensive notebooks and netbooks in this price range, you are probably eager to find out where and how to buy one. Since you're already on the internet, we might as well discuss a few of the best options you have for buying cheap laptops for sale under $200 online.

The most effective method to scoring an affordable portable computer is to look for discounts. There are a lot of clearances and discounts that websites offer that can save you a lot of money. Discounts on cheap laptops for sale under $200 can be found at a number of online retailers. There are websites who deal strictly with electronics and computers, and then there are others like Amazon and Overstock which simply have low prices and great selections to begin with. Additionally, you can choose from a decent selection of cheap laptops for sale under $200, netbooks on discount and inexpensive notebooks from the official websites of manufacturers like Dell, HP, Apple and Sony, or you could even visit the homepages of national retailers like Office Max, Comp USA and Staples.

You might be surprised at how many amazing deals on cheap laptops for sale under $200 you can find online. The key is to shop and compare, and that is easier than ever with the web.

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