Buy Cheap Laptops Under $150 Dollars

Many consumers do not believe it is possible to buy laptops under $150, and if you are one of these people you will be happy to discover that it truly is feasible to find inexpensive notebook computers for this price range. Notebooks are not the only types of portable computers that are available for such an affordable price, either. In fact, you can also find several other mini laptops under $150 known as netbooks or tablet PCs. What is a netbook? Simply put — they are just tinier versions of notebook computers, and they focus more on internet features than anything else in most cases. Tablet PCs are a bit different; they are essentially the same thing as netbooks except tablet PCs focus more on touch-screens rather than keyboards. Whether it's notebooks, netbooks or tablet PCs, each of them are viable options to consider for cheap laptops under $150.

The Best Laptops Under $150 Dollars for Sale

So you are likely curious to find out what types of portable computers you can get your hands on for this inexpensive price range. You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few cheap laptops under $150 that are not too bad in terms of quality or performance. Most of these affordable notebook computers are made by top manufacturers that are trusted and reliable, such as Dell, HP or Sony. The list below contains some of the most popular notebook and netbook computers on the market today, and each one could is an excellent choice for those looking for laptops under $150.

  • Dell Latitude D400
  • Apple iBook G4
  • Sony VAIO CS-Series
  • Gateway 200x
  • Apple MacBook

Those were just the notebook computers. Now let's get into the netbooks and tablet PCs. It's usually a lot easier to find discount netbooks and all-around affordable tablet PCs because they are smaller and don't have as many features or applications as notebooks or standard 17-inch portable computers. Here is a list of some of the nicest mini laptops under $150 for sale:

  • iView 700NB
  • 7" Google Android Touch Tablet PC
  • Augen NBA7400A Google Android Netbook
  • Sylvania 7-inch Netbook
  • HP Mini 1153NR

Disadvantages of Buying Cheap Laptops Under $150 Dollars

Just like with most everything else you buy, you tend to get what you pay for. While the previously mentioned notebooks, netbooks and tablet PCs are all quite popular and have plenty of cool features and capabilities, they still don't compare to the portable computers that are priced at $500 or more. You will notice that the processors used in laptops under $150 don't have as much power or speed as the more expensive ones do. Also, the displays may not be as crisp or vivid, and the battery life can often be weak in comparison as well. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are not worth buying, it just means you cannot expect to buy cheap laptops under $150 for sale without sacrificing some performance.

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