Buy Used Army Trucks for Sale – Jeeps and Hummers Too!

You can find used army trucks for sale and buy them, sometimes fairly cheap, even as a private citizen.  In fact, virtually any private citizen has achance to buy old military Jeeps, Hummers, and various vehicles through a government program that very few people know about.  This means that you could purchase your very own used army trucks for sale direct from the government, if you know exactly where to look.  Let's explore this way, along with a few other ways, to get your hands on these great old vehicles from the US armed forces.

Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service

The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service is run by the federal government and is designed to keep old military vehicles either in service, or on the road, rather than being destroyed. This means you can buy used army trucks for sale and other vehicles, like amphibious ATV's, in many instances.  There are some stipulations that must be met before you can purchase the old military Jeeps and Hummers.

Vehicle Strip-Down

Before you can buy used army trucks for sale, they are stripped down of anything that would unsafe with private citizens.  In other words, you won't find an old Jeep with a rocket launcher attached. 

Who Gets Dibs?

Before you can buy the used army trucks for sale, there is a certain order of things that must be followed.  This is who, in order, gets the first crack to pick up these military vehicles dirt cheap.

  • Other military branches get the first crack.  In other words, the Navy gets the first chance to buy old vehicles that were used by the Air Force. 
  • Government agencies come next in the line to purchase used army trucks for sale.  In other words, local, state, or federal government agencies, like law enforcement, get the next shot at the old Jeeps and other vehicles.
  • Private citizens come last, but they still get to buy quite a few used army trucks for sale.  This is because of the volume of old military vehicles that are offered each year.

Where Else Can I Buy Them?

If you are not able to buy from the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, you will have to buy form a private citizen that did.  This means the vehicle will not be cheap.  Still, you can find them online through various sites and private sellers, the price is just a lot higher.  It is still a good way to find used army trucks for sale.

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