5 Reasons Why Chromebooks Are Extremely Cost Effective

Chromebooks have been released to a whole lot of media reports and article postings loaded with negative comments and essentially, a negative wrap. Whether those so-called professionals and consultants are just too stupid to see what Google is doing, or they are paid too well from long-standing sources related to the existing world of PC machines and manufacturers, is hard to demonstrate. Windows and Apple are screaming ahead with their new operating systems and their move towards cloud computing. Windows is still putting the final touches on the first operating system that will function on any device, and there are multiple Windows 8 versions and styles coming. The Windows 8 aero is a super light version, for example. They will all rock the market, but that does not mean Google will fail. Here is a look at the facts.

  • Cheap. On a subscription deal for students or business users, the machine with full hardware and software updates for 3 years will only cost US$1000 dollars. That is very cheap in comparison with any other option. A standard PC machine laptop or tablet is only useful for a year, if that, and costs US$1000. Then you need to buy another one, and that does not include the cost of all the software and the rest of your costs. That means the Chromebook is at least 3 times cheaper, without the initial cash investment.
  • Students. There is not a student that needs much outside of what is available on the web through a browser, especially younger age students. This means the machines are extremely attractive for the education system.
  • Business Users. Many businesses already use browser-based software for all of the functions inside their company as standard. They want to keep everything inside their network and not on individual machines. Most businesses do use their laptops as terminals to their server already. The Chromebook is an absolute way they can ensure that is the case. There will never be anything left on any machine ever in this case. This is an excellent security tool for business. And they get the benefit of not spending upfront.
  • Multi-device world. We already live in a multi-device world. The Chromebook does not necessarily have to replace everything for a user, it can just be another device for them to use when they want.
  • Improve. Open-source software is starting to improve at radical rates. There will be a few teething problems with the initial Chromebooks, but those problems are not comparable to having problems on a standard PC and operating system or software. There is nothing on the machine. Everything is on the internet, and will get fixed and improve beyond expectation in a very short period of time. Ironically, it is an excellent marketing strategy by Google to still have a few bugs as they launch, and let users see how fast their machine seems to "fix itself".

Windows 8 is still on the way. It promises to change the world of the PC as we know it today. Google has given us another option. From the perspective of a consumer, the more these companies battle it out, the better choice for a better cost we get. Let them keep fighting, I say.

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