Online Authority

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This website is designed to serve three purposes:

  • To help you establish yourself as an online authority in any topic you choose.
  • To help you promote other relevant websites, including your own.
  • To help you and I both in making money with your articles.

"Post Your Own Articles" is the brainchild of RT Cunningham — me. Rather than introduce myself, I prefer that you simply do a Google search for my name. My main website will appear on the first results page and you can find out enough about me through related pages to satisfy your curiosity.

My flagship site, Untwisted Vortex, gets an unusual amount of unique visitors per day, sometimes passing the 2,000 number mark, considering the kind of website it is. Repeat visits always push the number of visits per day beyond that mark. My flagship site is not a subject-specific (or niche, if you prefer) website, starting out as nothing more than a personal blog. The website has been online since June of 2006 (near the end of May, actually) and since that time, I've learned what works and doesn't work for a site that can cover almost any topic.

The restrictions I've placed for authors on this website are there to make sure your articles rank the highest they possibly can in the search engine results pages, based on your abilities alone. You are only limited by your creativity, imagination and knowledge of the material you present – your content.